Monday, July 22, 2019

Help Needed For DEF CON 27

We are bringing together what is probably the largest to date concentration of actual SMEs in ICS/OT maritime tech security this year for the first ever maritime and ship hacking village at DEF CON, Hack The Sea 1.0

We will have policy makers from US government and NGOs, white hat hackers demonstrating zero days in ship systems, and workshops to train people in securing ship systems

Our team has been doing reverse engineering, policy advocacy, and ethical vulnerability disclosure out of our own pockets for two years.

Bottomline--we are tapped out financially after supporting this out of our own pockets for so long.  We have been paying the expenses for Hack The Sea to be at DEF CON, and we are just flat broke.

We need help to continue our efforts, which most of us have done in our free time while holding down full-time paid jobs elsewhere in cyber security.

We need help from sponsors to make this happen and continue our efforts.  MPS-ISAO has generously agreed to help us, and to accept donations as a NFP to fund our event, but we need help.  If you or anyone you know can contribute please contact us.  Thanks!

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